Welcome to the unofficial 58mm Noct-Nikkor website. Here is where you can find out about this awesome lens. It is one of Nikon’s fastest pieces of glass which is designed to be used for night photography.

It has a hand-ground aspherical lens element which reduces the glare from light in the photographs, so you get points of lights rather than smudges, stars, or comma. Its a pricey beast as they are a rare breed and are on longer produced by Nikon (but we always hope for a revival).

The Site

This site is dedicated to Nikons premier Noct lens.
You can contact me here at webmaster [at] hyperphotocube [dott] com if you encounter site errors. And before you ask – no… you can’t have mine.

The Lens

The Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 lens is from the 1970’s era of film photography. It has an AI and AIS version (AIS shown Below). This lens first came out in the late 1970’s with a target market of Night Photographers. It has hand ground lens to allow for points of light at night to appear as points of light in the final picture; rather than oddly shaped blobs.

Check Out Some Photos using The Noct-Nikkor

Photography Tips for f/1.2 Shooting


Focusing can be quite a pain on Nikon’s Digital Single Reflex Lens Cameras (DSLR) as they do not have a good focusing screen that film cameras did. This is because DSLR rely heavily on the autofocus function of the camera which can use the assisting focusing light when extra light is needed; not so when you are trying to manually focus a lens. There are solutions to this focus screen problem, however they require some changes to your camera that I for one, am not willing to make (maybe on the second body when I get one).

Moving Object

These lens focus really smoothly, however if your shooting at f/1.2 its a crap-shot for moving objects. In fact, forget it (unless your focusing at infinity aka hyperfocus).

Cost and Availability

Ask anyone who knows anything about these lenses and they will tell you two things. One they are hard to come by, Nikon only made a few thousand of these and that was over 26 years ago. They are also really, really, really (three really) expensive for what they do if you do happen to find one on ebay you’ll see that $2000-$3000 is the price range for this lens depending on its condition (sometimes). If you don’t need Noct, and you don’t need f/1.2, then you likely won’t buy this lens.

The Cheaper Nikkor f/1.2 Option

If spending a couple grand on a Noct lens isn’t your thing there is an alternative out there for the f/1.2. Its a 50mm f/1.2 manual focus. I’ve never used this lens but it is a whole lot cheaper. There is also a 55mm f/1.2 Ai lens but I could not find one for sale

Other Reviews of this Lens

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